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 For people who have purchased anything from this page. Please comment on the experience for others to see :)

blu's Manga Sales

 Hi everyone!

Went through my inventory of books, and decided to sell my books... since I can't read them anyway XD I've accumulated them over a period of time, but have never really done much with them. ^^;; Almost all of my items are Yaoi/BL, unless noted. 

Yaoi & General Manga and Doujinshi as low as $2.50~Collapse )

A plan to sell some Yaoi manga~

Hi everyone!

Although I've had this account for the longest time, I've never used it actively, so I hope this post doesn't seem disorganized! D:

Just a post to help me motivate myself a bit. 

I plan to in sometime in the future...
  • Take all my Yaoi manga and separate, organize them
  • Will separate the Japanese, and Chinese titles
  • Need to find someone to translate titles, so I can at least list them properly
  • Organize this in Excel file or something
  • Scan the covers, and maybe samples, to show off the goods
I recently got hold of a bunch of bubble-wrapped filled envelopes and stuff, perfect for shipping books. My cousin's family moved, and they happened to have a bunch of shipping materials laying around in their old place, from when my aunt was doing an online business.

If I haven't started selling old books from school online, I might've not considered this whole thing. ^^;; It gave me a better idea of how to handle shipping items, and selling items online.

Anyway, now to get used to this journal. I plan to list my items in a journal post, and share a link from Aarinfantasy~

Oh my god, I posted something.

Teeeesting ;)

...I love the update on photobucket, more storage = more space = more pictures = more p0rn. XD

Random RO piccy of a bunny blacksmith /gg

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